Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to develop a whole range of skills:

  • communication skills (listening and questioning),
  • negotiation skills; and
  • team working.

And as you’ll see from the photos it’s a fun and imaginative process.

The Creative Connections team joined up with Intact’s Season’s Project for the day, and were then split into two teams:

Each team were given 60 minutes to get as many photos from the following list as they could in the time available.  The team with the most items completed won the hunt.

Each team were given an iPad and each photo had to have at two or more team members in them to count.

  1. Team photo
  2. Team in front of a green house
  3. Team in front of something starting with ‘D’
  4. Team with the Intact logo
  5. Team reading the same book
  6. Team in a small space
  7. Catalogue pose
  8. Selfie with something orange
  9. Selfie in front of a dustbin
  10. A picture of everyone’s left shoe in a circle
  11. Everyone forming a letter with their bodies
  12. A picture of your reflection
  13. A quiet place to relax
  14. A member of the team wearing a hat
  15. Someone’s eye
  16. Something shiny
  17. Team members jumping in the air
  18. Team members with a spoon on their nose
  19. Team posing as a tree by a tree.
  20. Draw a funny picture and hang it somewhere
  21. A photo of your choice: the more unique the better